Get Started

Welcome to the Solaris documentation for payments. This documentation is intended for current and prospective partners planning to integrate their solutions with the Solaris API. The sections below detail the key areas of the documentation and how these can assist you with your integration journey.

Documentation at a glance

API Integration

  • The Integration overview guide provides an initial, high level overview of the technical onboarding journey and API integration.
  • The API Overview section details key usage of the API such as partner authentication and encryption.
  • Detailed information on API integration and connectivity is provided in the SFTP , PKI and VPN integration guides.
  • For an overview on integrating the webhook functionality provided by the API, as well as the various notification types available, please refer to the Webhooks section.

Guides and Workflows

  • The Quick Start Guide provides an overview of how to use the API to quickly onboard a consumer and create a debit, prepaid or virtual card.
  • The Workflow guides demonstrate how to perform common workflows using the API, including those for Consumer , Account and Card resources.
  • View the PCI-DSS and Data Protection guides to better understand related compliance requirements and best practices.

API Reference

  • Refer to the API reference for a comprehensive list of all methods available in the Solaris API.

Further Help

  • Please get in touch with our Tech Support team if you require any further assistance with your Solaris API integration.
Solaris is the brand name for the regulated entities Contis Financial Services Ltd and UAB „Finansinės paslaugos „Contis“, which are part of the Solaris Group.