Release Notes - 2023

December 14th 2023

  • An issue with the Business/GetLimits method, which was previously listing incorrect remaining card limits, has been resolved. The LimitUsed object returned in the response will now list the correct respective combined limits used for all consumer cards associated with the business account.
  • Numerous improvements have been made to The Simulator Portal, including new options for generating Clearing, more robust testing of 3-D secure, and addition of new card authorization types.
  • A total of 17 defect fixes made.

November 21st 2023

  • Contactless and Refund Transaction authorization types now available for testing in the Simulator Portal .
  • Release fixes 15 defects.

October 31st 2023

  • Release focused on maintenance and performance improvements, with 14 defect fixes made.
  • Two additional authorization types can now be tested via the Simulator Portal - "Original Credit" and "Immediate Payment".

October 10th 2023


  • Numerous performance improvements and 12 defect fixes made.
  • Amendments to the Authorization Notification - the IsPinPresent field will now be "True" for authorizations in which an offline PIN was used.
  • Release includes the implementation of mandatory changes required for Visa October BER.

September 26th 2023

  • Maintenance focused release with performance improvements and 7 defect fixes made.

September 12th 2023


The following regulatory requirements related fields have been added to the Consumer/ListConsumers method response payload:

  • PurposeOfAccount
  • PersonalIdentificationNumber
  • ExpectedYearlySpend
  • TransactionVolume
  • Occupation
  • OccupationDescription
  • CountryOfBirth
  • DrivingLicenceExpiryDate
  • NationalIDCardExpiryDate
  • Citizenship

August 22nd 2023


  • Furthering our rollout of regulatory requirement related improvements, three additional data capture fields have been added to both the the Consumer/AddConsumers and Consumer/UpdateConsumerDetail methods:
    • Citizenship
    • DrivingLicenseExpiryDate
    • NationalIDCardExpiryDate
  • Numerous performance improvements have been made, along with 17 defect fixes.

August 8th 2023


  • Webhook notification improvements to better allow partners to identify token usage and lifecycle events.
  • Additional parameters introduced for Consumer creation and update methods.
  • 9 Defects fixes.

Webhook notification changes for improved token usage and lifecycle identification.

To facilitate better partner identification of token usage and lifecycle events, the following improvements have been made:

  • A new Token Lifecycle notification has been introduced. This payload includes all information currently provided in the Token activation notification as well as the relevant event (creation, activation, suspension etc.) to allow partners to track the lifecycle of a token.
  • A TokenID parameter is now included in the Authorization notification , providing a reference to the token used for a given Authorisation, if applicable.

New parameters for Consumer creation and update methods.

As part of the rollout of new parameters being introduced for regulatory requirement purposes, the following parameters have been added to the Consumer/AddConsumers and Consumer/UpdateConsumerDetail methods:

  • PurposeOfAccount
  • PersonalIdentificationNumber
  • ExpectedYearlySpend
  • TransactionVolume
  • Occupation
  • OccupationDescription
  • CountryOfBirth

These parameters are currently optional but will be made mandatory on the Consumer/AddConsumers method at a later date. Please see the respective API method references for more information.

July 25th 2023

  • Maintenance focused release with performance improvements and 10 defect fixes.

July 11th 2023

  • General performance improvements and bug fixes, with 11 defect fixes made.

June 27th 2023


  • New digital card related fee fields.
  • Updates to Business APIs.
  • 11 defect fixes.

Digital card fee information

To provide partners with more information regarding digital card related fees, response from the Account/GetSpecificTerms method will be updated to include the the following additional parameters:

  • NewDigitalCardIssueCharge - Fee applied when any brand new digital card is issued.
  • DigitalCardReissueCharge - Fee applied when any digital card is issued due to loss/replacement or damage-reissue (in cases of physical issuance).
  • AdditionalDigitalCardCharge - Fee applied when any additional digital card is issued.
  • OtherAdditionalDigitalCardCharge - Fee applied when any other additional digital card is issued.

Following this release the existing fee related fields below will pertain only to the ordering and issuing of physical cards:

  • NewCardCharge
  • CardReissueCharge
  • AdditionalCardCharge
  • OtherAdditionalCardCharge

For partners who do not utilize digital cards, no changes are required at this time.

Updates to Business APIs

When registering Limited Companies, Partnerships or Sole Traders, the specified Business contact address will now be used as the delivery address for any physical cards issued to the business.

Registration of BKYC businesses

Two additional endpoints are now available for registration of businesses that have been vetted through the Solaris BKYC process:

June 8th 2023

  • Amendments made to the validation logic for receiving driving license and national identity card numbers of consumers with EU (non UK) addresses.
  • The Card Action notification payload has been updated to improve overall consistency with other webhooks.
  • 19 defect fixes.

May 30th 2023


  • Improvements to the Buffer Account webhook notification.
  • Card Action notification parameter renaming.
  • Six defect fixes.

Improvements to the Buffer Account notification

A number of additional fields have been added to the Buffer account notification payload:

  • TransactionFeeVariable
  • InstructionType
  • BufferMoneyMoveAmount
  • OriginalAuthorizationID

Card Action notification parameter renaming

To correct a parameter on the Card Action notification, the IsRenewdCardIssuePhysically field has been renamed to IsRenewedCardIssuedPhysically.

May 10th 2023


  • Changes to the Digital Card renewal notification:
    • To accommodate additional card related actions in future, this notification has been renamed as the Card Action notification .
    • This notification's NotificationType has changed from "073" to "074". This is to resolve a conflict with the existing "Pending authorisation auto release notification".
    • Notice of digital card renewal will continue to be provided via this notification.
  • Five defect fixes made.

April 25th 2023


  • Ability to specify card issuance for new Business consumers.
  • Additional permitted characters when providing consumer names.
  • Three defect fixes.

Ability to specify card issuance for new Business consumers

When adding consumers via the Business/AddConsumers method, partners can now specify if they require card issuance. If a card is required for the consumer, IsSkipCardIssuance should be false, if no card is required this should be set to true.

Please note that if consumer is an Authorizer (the IsAuthorizer parameter is true) then the IsSkipCardIssuance parameter must be provided as true, otherwise an error response will be returned.

Additional permitted characters when providing consumer names

In order to provide more flexibility when creating consumers, improvements have been made to the following methods:

The FirstName and LastName fields of the methods listed will now accept the following characters: & (ampersand), . (full stop), ' (single quote) - (hyphen). This rectifies a defect whereby previously inclusion of these characters would return an error response if the consumer being created also required a login (IsLoginRequired was supplied as true).

April 12th 2023


March 28th 2023


  • Account terms now accessible for Virtual Accounts.
  • New API fields for Business Know Your Customer (bKYC) processing.
  • 9 defect fixes.

Account terms for Virtual Accounts

Partners are now able to retrieve account terms for Virtual accounts via the Account/GetSpecificTerms method.

New Business Know your Customer (bKYC) fields

As part of the development of the new Business Know your Customer (bKYC) process, two new fields are now available, with values assigned during bKYC processing:

  • BusinessID - Unique identifier assigned to the business.
  • RiskClassificationStatus - The risk rating applied to the business.

These fields are included on the API responses of the following methods:

March 14th 2023


  • The Account/ChangeTerms method now permits account terms to be changed irrespective as to the status of the primary card on the account, and whether or not a primary card is present.
  • 16 defect fixes.

February 28th 2023


  • Improvements to Director creation and retrieval workflows.
  • New ChangeTerms method to allow changing of account terms.
  • 14 defect fixes.

Addition of DirectorRequestReference field

A new field - DirectorRequestReference has been introduced to allow partners to include a unique reference when creating a new Director. This reference can be provided when creating a Director using the following methods:

Response payloads from the following methods have been updated to include the DirectorRequestReference field:

Inclusion of Director's ConsumerID and DirectorID fields in API responses

In order to improve referencing between various API methods relating to Director creation and retrieval, the following improvements have been made:

A Director's ConsumerID field is now included in response payloads from the following methods:

A Director's DirectorID field is now included in response payloads from the following methods:

New ChangeTerms method to allow changing of account terms

To more easily facilitate changing of account terms, the new Business/ChangeTerms method has been developed which can be used to change an existing agreement to an another pre-defined agreement with new terms.

February 14th 2023


  • In order to improve transaction reconciliation between real-time authorization messages and post event settlement records, the CardTransactionID field, which contains a unique identifier for the card transaction and which is currently present in both Authorization request messages and the Buffer account webhook notification , will also be included in the Transaction webhook notification .
  • 16 defects fixed.

January 31st 2023


  • In order to improve overall naming consistency, the CardHolderID parameter in the Card Shipment webhook will be renamed to ConsumerID , to align this with the name used for all the other webhooks and API endpoints.
  • 22 defect fixes made, as well as a number of internal performance improvements.

January 17th 2023


  • Integration of for Open Banking functionality.
  • Increased scheduling frequency for both inbound and outbound payments.
  • 23 defects fixed.
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