Integration Overview

This guide provides a high level overview of integrating with the Solaris API, as well as an outline of a typical technical onboarding journey.

API integration at a glance


Two environments are available for integration:

  • Production - This is where your live (production) system and card program(s) are run.
  • Sandbox - This environment is used for development and testing, and provides a demo card program to facilitate your initial integration.

API Connectivity

  • In order to receive key partner information, card program reports etc., each environment requires a dedicated SFTP account to be set up.
  • Connectivity to the Solaris production environment requires either a PKI based integration (recommended) or a VPN connection .

Card programs at a glance

  • Your card programs consists of your bespoke, partner specific configuration for things such as cardholder account types, agreement terms, fees and card designs. Card programs are discussed, set up and configured as part of your onboarding process.
  • For initial API testing and integration, a generic demo card program is provided in the sandbox environment.

API Onboarding at a glance

Partners will generally follow the high-level onboarding path outlined below:

  1. Access is granted to the demo card program in the sandbox environment for initial testing and integration.
  2. A dedicated, partner specific card program is set up and configured in the sandbox environment based on your requirements. You commence your integration build out and testing against this program, using test data.
  3. Once the integration in the sandbox environment is complete (as well as any prerequisites for live rollout such as PCI compliance ), your card program can be launched in the production environment.

High level API Integration steps

A typical integration process will be as below. This is broadly similar for both the sandbox and production environments.

  • Your card program is setup and configured by Solaris and access to scoped API functionality is provided.
  • To securely provide API credentials and to fully test your integration, you provide Solaris with your SSH public key and IP address , allowing Solaris to create your SFTP account.
  • Communication channels are set up by Solaris to assist with any integration or development queries.
  • For production rollout only , the API connectivity method - either VPN or PKI, is agreed upon.
  • Solaris provides key integration details with you, including the card program details, access credentials for SFTP and the API, as well as access to the chosen communication channels.
  • Solaris works with you to ensure resolution of any remaining connectivity issues. You confirm with Solaris when you are happy with your API and SFTP connectivity.
  • You continue your integration in the given environment, with Solaris providing the relevant assistance as required.
Solaris is the brand name for the regulated entities Contis Financial Services Ltd and UAB „Finansinės paslaugos „Contis“, which are part of the Solaris Group.