Release Notes - 2024

February 7th 2024

  • Maintenance and compliance focused release with a total of 17 defect fixes made.
  • Addition of three new fields ( OtherDocumentName , OtherDocumentDetails , OtherDocumentExpiryDate ) on various consumer-related methods, to accept additional forms of consumer identification.
  • For balance request authorizations made via the Simulator Portal, the balance amount is now displayed in the UI, alongside the requisite authorization message and webhook notification being sent.

January 17th 2024

Release includes a number of maintenance and performance improvements, along with 24 defect fixes.

Simulator Portal improvements

  • The Balance enquiry authorization type now generates a respective authorization message and authorization notification.
  • For POS, ATM and e-commerce transactions the ability to select the country of transaction has been added.

Amendments to Transfer controller methods

  • To improve consistency in our APIs, the Transfer/verify-payee method has been renamed to Transfer/VerifyPayee .
Solaris is the brand name for the regulated entities Contis Financial Services Ltd and UAB „Finansinės paslaugos „Contis“, which are part of the Solaris Group.